Metallica and Miley Cyrus To Officially Perform On The Howard Stern Show

Metallica and Miley Cyrus To Perform On The Howard Stern Show

Metallica and Miley Cyrus to perform on The Howard Stern Show on September 9.

It was officially announced via The Howard Stern Show official social media pages that Metallica and Miley Cyrus to share the stage on this week’s show.

Miley Cyrus is an American singer who plays several styles of genres, including hip hop, pop, experimental, and rock. She released seven studio albums in total during her solo career. While unleashing her debut in 2007, titled Meet Milley Cyrus, her latest album brought her fans in 2020, named Plastic Hearts.

However, as some of you might know, the heavy metal band Metallica announced this past June that the band would release a new massive reissue of their fifth studio album, The Black Album, titled The Blacklist. Detailing the album, the band has also revealed that the world-known pop star Miley Cyrus to cover their classic song Nothing Else Matters, as she confirmed on her Twitter.

Miley Cyrus and Metallica likely team up to perform the heavy metal pioneer’s classic song Nothing Else Matters in the celebration of their newest massive reissue, due on September 10 via the band’s own Blackened Recordings.

Metallica has shared an official statement via its social media pages to announce the show with Miley Cyrus. They informed their own fans and Miley Cyrus lovers about the show.

“In celebration of the #BlackAlbum2021 & the #MetallicaBlacklist this Friday, the one & only Howard Stern has invited us back for another virtual visit,” the band tweeted. “Tune in to the @sternshow this Thursday at 12 noon ET/9 am PT when we’ll perform with special guest @MileyCyrus!”

Miley Cyrus Covers Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters

The American pop and hip hop singer Miley Cyrus covered Metallica‘s Nothing Else Matters in the past.

In 2019, when Miley Cyrus made an appearance at Glastonbury, she made fans emotional with her voice while singing Nothing Else Matters from Metallica. Following her performance, the band included her in their newest massive reissue of Black Album that includes 53 different artists in total.

After all, Miley Cyrus has once again performed the song professionally in support of Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, and WATT.

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