Migos Makes Emotional Speech To Pay Tribute To Young Dolph: "Long Live Brother"

Migos Makes Emotional Speech To Pay Tribute To Young Dolph: “Long Live Brother”

The American hip hop trio Migos paid their tribute to the late rapper Young Dolph and made an emotional speech to send their respects to Dolph during their performance at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert in New Jersey.

As some of you might remember, the rap world lost one of the successful rappers Young Dolph in Memphis. Dolph was killed in a gun attack in the city where he spent his childhood, Memphis. According to the statement made by Maurice Hill, Dolph was shot and dead by an unidentified attacker who approached the shop with his vehicle.

Young Dolph, who started his music career with his first mixtape Paper Route Campaign released in 2008, released almost all of his mixtape and album under the name Paper RouteEmpire. Having released 19 mixtapes and 8 albums throughout his career, Young Dolph made his debut with the King of Memphis album he recorded in 2016 and rose to 46th place in the Billboard 200.

The rap world is still mourning and respecting the late rapper Dolph days after his murdering. Migos was one of those artists who sent respectful words to the musician. During their November 21 show in New Jersey, Migos cut off the show to share a piece of words in honor of the rapper.


“Ay, cut the lights off,” Quavo said. “We’d like to say we lost a brother, you dig what I’m saying. And if you love Young Dolph like we love Young Dolph, I need you to put a light in the sky. You dig what I’m saying?

“That’s my dog. On the count of three, if you Young Dolph, say, ‘Long live Young Dolph.’”

Also, the American rapper Key Glock was one of those who paid his tribute to Young Dolph. Sharing a long letter for his late close friend, Glock had expressed his devastating.

“My heart is torn and my brain bout to explode it HURTS when I breathe,” he says. “Why you leave me so soon?? I’ll never be the same, you was my lefthand man, my brother, my cousin, my mentor and drank partner for the past 2 years I been taking LOSS AFTER LOSS and still can’t understand why[broken heart emoji].

“First, it was my pops then my auntie then my grandma and now YOU!! I know we can’t question GOD but GOD why?! There’s nothing no one can do or say to bring you back and that sh*t just eats me up by the second!!

“N*gga you was Phil Jackson and I was yo MJ[smoke out of the nose emoji] Remember I told you I got yo back no matter what??

“I GUARANTEE THAT!! Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.”

(image: Key Glock IG)

Young Dolph and Migos Collaborations

Over the years, Young Dolph and Migos had teamed up several times throughout their careers. At first, the artists had collaborated on Young Dolph’s Cross Country mixtape cut Thank Tha Plug.

In 2015, Migos and Dolph had performed side by side on Dirk Nowitski.

In 2017, Dolph was joined by Migos on his Gelato’s Drop It Off.

They also teamed up on a couple of tracks such as Send Me Pack and Skerr.

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