Moneybagg Yo And Kodak Black Team Up On ROCKY ROAD

Moneybagg Yo and Kodak Black reconnected on “Rocky Road.

It’s been more than three years since their last collaboration, “Lower Level” and the rappers are back with another heater.

On the heavy-hit track, representing the city of Moneybagg and coming back with Wockesha (“I sipped in my sins / I’m back to drink this simplicity”), Kodak promises to do better by its baby mother (“I can’t leave you alone, we made this kid together”).

“Whenever me and Kodak connect, it’s chemistry… well,” Moneybagg told Apple Music.I wanted to come up with a different pace than the other partner we had, ‘Sublevel’. It probably took us two weeks to do that. when we go there and do it… turned out well… I’m excited about the track… I feel like I’m warming up.”

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Kodak Black

Kodak Black Declares His Love For Yung Miami

Kodak Black still falls in love with Yung Miami. 

The rapper is once again making his feelings for City Girl known. He took to Instagram to film his shoot with Miami and said he was still in love with him and was with him in turn. “I Love This Woman,” he wrote. “This is my Fu**’s baby right here, don’t let that stupid ass song y’all, he’s been talking about Kodak since the BEENNN Fu**, backlash!”

Kodak, who carries a photo of Miami in his prison cell, claims he is willing to do whatever it takes to mend their relationship. He added, “When I’m in prison, it’s not like I’m going to go to a picture, I’m going to cut my Lol Pink, I’m going to cut my whips to do shit with it.”

His comment has since been deleted and he has disabled his entire Instagram account.

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