Moneybagg Yo has a lot of tattoos and has now offered his current tattoo to many of his fans.

Posting on Instagram on Thursday, Moneybagg shared several close-up photos of his tattoo and showed that there are a few things worth noting. On the other hand, It’s hard to say exactly how many tattoos he’s collected over the years, but it’s covered from top to bottom, even with the Instagram caption “Art Basel 🎨🖌🖼 .”

Moneybagg Yo
Moneybagg Yo Instagram

A few things that stand out include a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. on his back under the word “CERTIFIED” on all the covers, and perhaps the most interesting of the group, a photo of Osama Bin Laden tucked around his ankle.

Of course, fans have come up with questions about why he has a tattoo of a terrorist, referenced in young boy never broke again’s 2017 track “Collateral Damage” and others lovingly compared him to a “Chipotle bag,” but they all confuse the conversation.

After sharing the photos, Moneybagg took to Twitter to ask people to “stay away from my job” and while it remains unclear what he was talking about, it is possible it was related to the tattoo.

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It wasnt Moneybaggs first tattoo show

In any case, it wasn’t the first time Yo had shown his tattoos. In a conversation with GQ in 2020, he explained to fans many of his tattoos, including some doves, flames and more. He even predicted the next tattoo movements, some of which did not happen, but there may be more.

“I like a lot of Kevin Gates’ tattoos,” he said. “He got a lot of real art on him. Like he had faces. That’s kinda what I want to do with my back and my stomach. I want to get all my kids’ faces on my stomach or something like that. A lot more faces and stuff. People who mean a lot to me, on my back. Like I might get the Memphis Bridge, that’s what I might get on my back. I want some Memphis, where I’m from.”

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