More Delays Keep Boring 50 Cent

50 Cent and Teairra Mari were sued for their social media posting. A judge sentenced Terra Mari to pay a set fee to cover her attorney’s fees in 2019.

Teairra Mari refused to pay the fee. His debt rose from $30,000 to $50,000. As we told you before, 50 asked the court to despise Teairra.

The lawyers spoke as follows. “[Mari] has been the subject of repeated actions by this Court but has been unswayed by such and has not paid any money towards the Judgment or sanctions against her, making the increased penalties associated with a finding of contempt necessary.”

Earlier this month, 50 Cent hired a private detective to file legal documents after he got tired of waiting. According to the Radar Online report, Teairra asked the court to dismiss it.

Teairra Mari thinks she won’t be able to make it to court on April 20 in Los Angeles, as 50 Cent wanted, because she lives in Georgia. But she also claims she is willing to pay off those debts.

50 Cent Talks About Starz Status

50 hasn’t made any new comments, but it’s a fact that he’s not happy. Also, the famous rapper is unhappy that he did not allow Starz to take a 6-month hiatus from airing his shows.

Finally, Curtis shared a clip of Starz CEO Jeff Hirsch, writing:

“👀he said scheduling for retention is the most important thing,” Fif penned on Instagram. “Then ignores production time lines till we have a 6 month gap what a genius. This boat 🛳got a hole in it, FORCE last episode next week. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

50 took to Twitter to reveal that he won’t have a series to air on Starz for the next half-year, writing: ‘I’m so sorry. “FORCE has four more episodes, then I don’t have anything to air on Starz for six months, so you all know the vibrations,” he wrote.


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