Names Like Ice Cube, Cypress Hill Will Perform at Historic Colorado Square

The international smoker’s holiday is approaching and the Red Rocks Amphitheater will be celebrating like every year with 420 On The Rocks. The announcement was made on Wednesday, February 2nd. The venue will of course be Historic Colorado. Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, E-40 and Too $hort will be performing. Undoubtedly, the annual event will be full of smoke. We are very curious about their performance.

AEG Live and Cervantes Masterpiece will host the show. The show that will be presented is scheduled to take place on April 19 in Morrison, 27 miles from Denver.

The Performance of Ice Cube and Friends Is Impatient

Red Rocks has hosted the 420 On The Rocks event over the years. In 2020, Ice Cube, Method Man, Redman and Action Bronson were the main actors of the show. 311, Method Man and Redman took the stage two years ago.

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Method Man spoke to HipHopDX about Redman’s profound impact on their performance.

“I’m gonna keep it 100 — and I never told anybody this — my shows were so chaotic for lack of a better word,” he said. “I was in the crowd for most of my show, doing just ridiculous shit, trying to get a vibe or something to get to itself. Soon as I started performing with this dude [points to Redman], he kind of reeled me in.

“We used get into little … not fights … ’cause we never argued, but he would try and give me little jewels here and there like, ‘Look, son, you ain’t gotta do all that shit. You just be leaving us up onstage like that. You be leaving us stranded.’ And it wouldn’t sit in my head until one day, I said, ‘Fuck it. I’m a stay on stage. I’m a see how this shit work out.’ And I started watching them for one show and started imitating a lot of the shit he was doing. From there, it just locked in. It was just chemistry.”

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