NBA YoungBoy Announces New Album

NBA YoungBoy made a surprise statement via DJ Akademiks on March 22. His upcoming album, The Last Slimeto, is up for pre-order.

The rapper, who is waiting for the fans with great excitement, will soon give them what he wants. NBA YoungBoy, who never broke off his connection with them, gave the good news with DJ Akademiks.

“Talked to YB .. he in great spirits n focused,” shares the Hip-Hop personality. “I complimented him on his work ethic dropping so much music and so consistently n he said this the average for him,” reads the informative tweet. Next Akademiks adds, “he got a whole nother level… n said “The Last Slimeto” a album not a EP. want his fans to pre order it fri.”

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YoungBoy is indeed becoming a YouTube phenomenon. He seems to have gained global fame with the increase in his organic followers and views of his videos. It has already gained over 10 billion YouTube views.

He was “the most streamed artist on YouTube each week in 2022,” as Say Cheese TV reported. This shows that he knows how to keep himself on the agenda.

Things Are Going Well For NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy ‘s consistent performance has made him the most popular rapper on YouTube by some metrics.

In January, DaBaby made fun of an unnamed record featuring YoungBoy.

“Glizzy, glizzy, show ’em what that Draco do (Blatt! Blatt!),” he spits. “Pass that drank from Syracuse (Ha! Ha!)/Millions, millions, Bentley, Bentley, Lamb’ truck too.” When Carti fans heard the single on Wednesday (March 3), they immediately called YoungBoy a serious “fan” of the Die Lit rapper.

Backed by “Bestie/Hit”, the album was the first joint album for DaBaby and the second joint album for YoungBoy after the joint project of From The Bayou with Birdman, co-founder of Cash Money Records.

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