Nicki Minaj and Her Vaccine-Related Statements

Nicki Minaj’s post, which suggested that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had encountered some sexual dysfunction after the Covid vaccine, surprised everyone.

Famous rapper Nicki Minaj had tweeted that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had swollen testicles and had some sexual dysfunction after the coronavirus vaccine. Doctors flatly denied Minaj’s claim about the vaccine.

Doctors Rejected This Allegation

One of the authority figures in the USA, Dr. Anthony Fauci responded to this sharing of the famous rapper. Fauci stated that none of the Covid-19 vaccines used in the United States cause reproductive problems.

CNN presenter Jake Tapper asked Dr Fauci if she had any evidence that the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines pose the health risk that Minaj outlined in her controversial tweet. Dr. Anthony Fauci said the answer is “a definite no”.


Nicki Minaj thought she was misunderstood upon the reactions and made another statement. she made a new post to underline that she is not against vaccination. The famous singer stated that it is “normal” to get vaccinated and that she will definitely be vaccinated soon to go on tour.


Minaj’s anecdote about her cousin’s friend became a hot topic on the internet hours after the sharing. Nicki Minaj was harshly criticized by Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson at the Covid-19 press conference on September 14.

Whitty said it was embarrassing for Minaj to share false information about the vaccine with her large audience. Nicki Minaj responded to these criticisms by posting a sarcastic voice note to host Piers Morgan.

Nicki Minaj at Billboard Women In Music 2019 – Getty


The tweet about her cousin’s friend came minutes after the famous rapper said she would not attend the 2021 Met Gala due to the vaccination requirement. Nicki Minaj said, “If I get vaccinated, it won’t be for MET. It will be when I feel like I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now.” had used the words.


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