Nicki Minaj Announces “Bussin” Release Date

Another good news came from Rap Queen to her fans. Nicki Minaj has officially announced the release date of her second single of the year, “Bussin” featuring Lil Baby.

Saying that the new studio album will come sooner than fans think, Nicki Minaj also announced the release date.

Rap Queen Nicki Minaj has announced that the second single will be released this weekend. This aligns with what Nicki has said before about every Friday being a big event for her in the weeks to come. As people are just learning the words to “Do We Have A Problem?”, another one is coming. Nicki Minaj seems determined to keep her fans happy in 2022.

“Bussin”, “Do We Have A Problem?” shown at the end of the music video. His fans have been so excited ever since. Many say they prefer Lil Baby’s contributions to “Bussin” and are excited to hear the full version.

“Next week we pushin [B] for [B]ussin btch WTF IS GOOD,” Nicki tweeted on Monday, February 7th. We’ll see if he can break the popular “Pushin P” trend that Gunna started a few weeks ago. Renowned rapper Nicki has launched her own challenge.

Nicki Minaj Lights the Fire!

Nicki Minaj gave us some tips. “Next week, which is the next Pink Friday, you guys will be getting another treat,” she said. “Yes, he says, it’s ‘Bussin’ y’all. Why would I give y’all a snippet to a song and give y’all something next week. Yes, next week is Pink Friday and it’s all about ‘Bussin’ next week. And this week is all about ‘Do We Have A Problem?’”

Speaking to Zane Lowe, Nicki Minaj said the 2022 album will be out “very soon”, but she did n’t give any date. She keeps the excitement fresh by leaving everyone wondering.

“So the album is coming very soon, obviously,” she said. “That’s why I started putting out music. Like I said before, from now on, every Friday, it will be called Pink Friday.

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