Nicki Minaj has revealed why she has not responded to the harassment lawsuit filed against her and her husband, Kenneth Petty. We can say that this was a little surprising.

According to legal documents obtained by Complex, the rapper says it was an “innocent mistake” for her failure to respond in a timely manner to the complaint filed against her and her husband.

In August, Jennifer Hough, allegedly the victim of Petty’s attempted rape, filed a lawsuit alleging double harassment and intimidation tactics, alleging that one of Minaj’s partners offered her a $20,000 bribe to get her to drop the rape allegations. Petty was convicted of attempted first-degree rape in 1995 and had to register as a sex offender as a result.

Hough’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, announced last week that Minaj and Petty had expired to formally respond to the complaint. We can say that it was embarrassing for the couple to remain unanswered on this important issue. On September 22, Minaj was offered a lawyer named Judd Burstein. After speaking on Zoom the next day, Minaj believed Burstein had agreed to represent her, but was not formally detained until much later. The result remained uncertain.

Nicki Minaj and Her Husband Kenneth Petty


“My failure to respond to the complaint was the product of an innocent mistake, and I ask the court to excuse the delay so that I can defend what I believe to be an entirely frivolous case which [Blackburn’s] counsel has brought against me in an effort to use my name to generate publicity for himself,” she said.

Minaj also denied that her husband was served with a copy of the summons and complaint. The process server reportedly submitted the legal documents to “a 40-year-old, 200-pound black male with black hair and brown eyes.”

“In fact, my husband is approximately 5’9” ​​tall and weighs no more than 175 pounds,” Minaj said in the documents. In addition, there is no person residing or present in our home on September 15, 2021, matching the description in the declaration of service.”

We will see together how this ugly situation of the famous couple will end.

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