Nicki Minaj Gives RT Boss $ 15,000 To Give To His Followers

RT Boss said Nicki Minaj gave him $15,000. The reason was for RT Boss to give it to his followers.

Christmas money poured in on RT Boss’ Instagram live broadcast. RT Boss, who seemed in a very cheerful mood, appeared on the screens with a large pile of money.

Dressing like an oil sheikh, RT Boss showed his rich air to the audience with a red and white headscarf extending down from his shoulder in the video where he appeared before his fans in a white robe.

RT Boss, who showed his fans a pile of US dollars that he could hardly hold with his hand, had a hard time holding the coins.

RT kept tapping the camera to show that the money was real and how much money he had and said he would bless some people with those coins.

Nicki Minaj
Latest IG Post by RT Boss

I get a message for you and a sweet one too and this message is from Nicki Minaj. I have just received money to give away to the RT family. Nicki say ‘Bloocl**t RT, me hear say you a give way 25K down a Jamaica deh. Me want unnu bloodcl**t know sey me have 15 grand a give wey as well, so tell the bloodcl**t people sey me gi you 15 thousand dollar. Arrow? So tell you fans dem me sey you a give all a dem 100 and mek it be US. Arrow? So mek sure know that you gi u fans dem 100 Bloodcl**t dollar fi demself.

Nicki Minaj Also Reveals Distribution Instructions

While RT Boss was planning to give 25 thousand dollars, it distributed 40 thousand dollars. He also said he had received instructions from the Queen of Barbz on how to distribute the money.

RT Boss reported that Nicki Minaj said that everyone in the family should give $100 per person to receive the money. He also told every recipient to tag Nicki Minaj and show their gratitude.

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