Nicki Minaj takes on a more positive spirit thanks to the energy her child gives her.

Rap queen Nicki also tweeted about this awareness on social media. “I used to b happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgement to anyone. Be gentle with yourself.”

Fans have also responded to this issue. Her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, even made a comparison earlier this year.

On January 8th, he tweeted, “I smoke weed everyday and get depressed and soon as I get high …, I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.”. In the past, he joked about smoking weed online.

Once, she tweeted, “This weed had the clouds turning into actual ppl & they were doing things. They were moving around & had a life of their own. like humans.”

Another time she wrote, “whoa! do ppl still smoke weed??? sooooo 10 years ago! ASIF!!!!!! soooooo NOT FETCH! well, not for my barbies anyway… ;).”

Nicki Minaj Sends Warning Shots

Nicki Minaj has a message for those who keep bringing up her name. In a series of tweets Tuesday, the “We Go Up” rapper addressed anonymous individuals who tried to include him in their conversations.

“Would it only bother the STFD and STFU?!?!!!! BUT NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!,” she wrote.

Nicki said you’re done playing well and you’ll only get one version of her from now on. “Many of you have never had the ‘Nicki put her foot in the necks’ period and that shows,” she added.

“So from today, you won’t all get a father bear, Mom cuz y’all doesn’t deserve it. Yall won’t get a ’bout’ to become preggers Nicki or preggers Nicki. Y’all gon get who y’all begged4.”

She also launched a survey with a warning: “Hold my / Mtha fkn name / Out ya mthfkn mouth / Ima show you tho.”

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