Nicki Minaj Responds to Allegations of Being a Gang Member

Nicki Minaj has responded to the rape accusations against her husband. She criticized the person who accused her husband of rape for calling herself an evil gang member who attempted murder.

Jennifer Hough and her lawyers told a judge that Kenneth “Zoo” Petty and Nicki Minaj were members of one of the most dangerous gangs in New York, the Makk Balla Brims, which put the famous duo in a very difficult position. According to allegations in Hough’s $20 million lawsuit, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty and Nicki Minaj have been involved in crimes such as threatening Hough, bullying and harassment by engaging their underworld mob connections.

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, who was sentenced to four years in prison for using a knife and rape, is being removed from the National Sex Offenders Registry.

As we mentioned in our previous news, Hough claimed that the famous couple offered him $ 500,000 to drop this lawsuit. When she allegedly turned down the offer, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty and Nicki Minaj sent their gangster friends to scare her and change her mind.

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According to’s report, Hough suggested that the couple’s trip to Queens, New York in October 2021 is evidence of their relationship with Makk Baller Brims, a subset of The Bloods. Allegedly, these gang members should have been around Nicki Minaj and her husband, while Nicki Minaj said that there was a community of fans around her and that she had a photo taken in front of a mural.

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“I was quickly surrounded by my fans, particularly in this instance because my pink Rolls Royce was in the direct sightline of apartment buildings across the street from where I had stopped. While my husband and I recognized a few friends and acquaintances from the neighborhood that night, including Rico Danna, an artist whom I intend to sign to my label, none of them belong to any gang. Further, we did not plan to meet anyone in advance because we had not planned to stop there. Once I came out of the car, the news traveled quickly, and people just showed up,” Nicki Minaj explained to Judge Eric Vitaliano.

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“Neither I, my husband, nor anyone I knew made any “gang” signs that night. I did not mention [Hough] or this case that night. Nor did I hear anyone, including my husband, mention [Hough] or this case that night.” – Nicki Minaj.

“During the search, I never asked her to change her story; I’ve never offered her money in exchange for a statement, and I haven’t threatened her with any harm if she chooses not to testify,” Nicki Minaj said.

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