Nicki Minaj Talks About Gunna

In an interview with “The Dana Cortez Show,” rap queen Nicki Minaj said that Gunna came to her studio months ago and asked her to appear in DS4EVER’s featured model.

“He asked me to get on his song ‘Pussy Power,’” she said. “I heard the beat and said, ‘Oh my God, this beat is out of here.’ No lie, I sat with the song for months and months and couldn’t bring myself to write for the record.”

Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, had to turn down the collaboration, saying she wasn’t mentally ready to record this revealing piece. “I knew that in order to get on a track like that, I would have to be explicit,” she said. “In my opinion, I would have to kill it and be explicit and talk that real talk. And I wasn’t ready. I just wasn’t there.”

Added Nicki, “That’s just to tell you how being a mom has changed me.”

“Shout out to [Gunna]. Of course she doesn’t care, there’s Champagne Papi in the song,” Nicki said.

She also said that she collaborated with a mysterious female artist whose name is not yet known. “I recently sent a verse back to a female,” shared Nicki.

Drake was ultimately featured on the song. “Shout out to [Gunna]. Of course she doesn’t care, there’s Champagne Papi in the song,” Nicki said.

She didn’t reveal who she was. She said there was someone she didn’t follow on social media. “Barbz, mind your business,” she told her fans.

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On Friday, she released her new single “Do We Have a Problem?” Nicki Minaj, who will be returning with the song, collaborated with Lil Baby on this song.

Latest News About Nicki Minaj

Recently, Nicki Minaj is facing a lawsuit again. She has not been able to fully concentrate on her music due to the alleged events that took place at her concert in Germany with her husband Petty.

Thomas Weidenmuller was head of security for one of Minaj’s concerts in Germany in March 2019. Nicki Minaj, who allegedly got angry with the security guard who did not prevent a fan from coming to the stage, is shouting at the security guard and calling him “ f**king bitch”, according to the same. This information was obtained by TMZ.

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