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Nicki Minaj Teases Film Project

Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent are up to something together. Rappers are joining forces for an undisclosed project. During her appearance onThe Morning Hustle,” Nicki Minaj was asked if she would do a movie or TV project with 50. They were very surprised, she explained that the plans were already underway.

Maybe something is already in the works,” she said. When asked more, Nicki Minaj  said that 50 Cent had nothing to do with the Starz seriesPowerorBMFand that the project would appear on the big screen. “Its something completely different that were talking about,” she scoffed.

Nicki Minaj
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50 Cent and Nicki Collaborate Together

50 Cent has previously said he would want Nicki to star in a movie about love. “You know who it would be fun to work with? Nicki,” 50 Jalen Rose said.

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Nicki Minaj would be fun to be in a romantic comedy. ” Since they both grew up in the New York neighborhood of southern Jamaica, Queens, 50 have been related to theSeeing Greenrapper.

I love some Nicki. This n***a actually happens to come from my neighborhood. It happens to be a girl, but that n***a is tough!” he told Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio. “Shes harder than the n***a she f**k with. Shes harder and shes an alpha female! That motherf**ker tough!”

On Friday, Nicki is set to release the video for her new single “Do We Have a Problem?” featuring Lil Baby, starring Cory Hardict and Joseph Sikora. Instagram promoting live
“Shout 50. Congratulations, 50. Pride is an understatement,” she said.

Nicki Minaj Promises a New Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj returned for the presentation of her number five album on Friday and received very positive feedback.

The Rap Queen worked with Lil Baby on this project. The clip of the popular song was like a short film. The clip was as popular as the song itself. By the way In the clip, which first features Nicki Minaj questioning a criminal, we see Lil Baby appearing as a customer during an auction, and Nicki Minaj making a mess.

Actors Joseph Sikora and Cory Hardrict also starred in the clip, in which Nicki Minaj plays a secret agent. She took to Instagram for the project, which is expected to arrive next week.

“Next week, which is the next Pink Friday, you guys will be getting another treat,” she said. “Yes, he says, it’s ‘Bussin’ y’all. Why would I give y’all a snippet to a song and give y’all something next week. Yes, next week is Pink Friday and it’s all about ‘Bussin’ next week. And this week is all about ‘Do We Have A Problem?’

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