Nicki Minaj Describes New Album: “Game-Changer”

Nicki Minaj answered her fans’ questions last night with the hashtag #BarBIA. Nicki Minaj, who shares her social media accounts with her followers a day in and day out, this time made a Q&A with her followers.

Nicki Minaj didn’t hesitate to answer any questions. Among the questions about the upcoming album, there was a fan who asked if she describe the lead single of the album. She excited fans by saying that the lead single of the album will be game-changer.

Nicki Minaj released her last album in 2018(QUEEN) and the Anaconda rapper fans, who have been preparing for the album for a long time, are longing for it. We understand from the answer he gave to his followers on Twitter that the reasons for this wait will be conveyed to her fans through interviews when the album is released.

The famous rapper upset his fans when they were asked if she would be performing at MTV’s VMA this year. But she stated that she could come in other feats this year.


Nicki Minaj Answered Questions About Her Family Too

Nicki Minaj didn’t hesitate to answer family questions at the ongoing Q&A. Nicki Minaj was asked what has changed in her life since her child was born, Minaj replied, ‘More patience & understanding with everyone. He makes me so happy’

Nicki Minaj was a little worried about another question about #PapaBear. The question was, ‘Do you plan on braiding Papa’s hair, or is he tender-headed?’ and Nicki Minaj said ‘My girl Lena is on her way now to braid #PapaBear hair for the first time. So crazy that u asked that. I rlly hope he doesn’t cry. He don’t even like mama in his head. Pray for me y’all. lol. I’ll post a pic when she’s done’

Fans asked about did she vacation with his child ‘Papa’. Nicki Minaj’s answer is made her fans sad a bit. Stating that they traveled together for the funeral after her father’s death, Minaj said that this could not be considered a vacation.

When asked about whether the family will grow up, Minaj stated that ‘Papa’ will not be an only child.

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