North West Criticizes Kim Kardashian: Why Are You Talking Differently?

Kim Kardashian’s 8-year-old daughter North West, the reality star with rapper Kanye West who is in the process of divorce, has criticised her mother’s appearance in videos she has taken to social media.

North West, 8, the eldest of Kim Kardashian’s four children, criticized the way her mother spoke. Kardashian, 40, who posted a video the other day, asked North’s mother, “Mom, why are you talking differently?”he seems to be asking his question.

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And Kim Kardashian said to her daughter, ” why would I talk differently? I’m the same person. I don’t speak differently.”gives the answer.

Kardashian said, ” Guys, Do you think I spoke differently when I was making a makeup video?”in the question, his 9-year-old niece,Penelope, also answers” yes.”,


Then North, mimicking the mimics of her mother, Kim Kardashian, and elongating the last syllables of the words, said, “Guys, I have this new mask and bronzer today.”she speaks.


On the other hand, reality star Kim Kardashian, who entered the world with rapper Kanye West in 2014, is now in the process of divorce. Kardashian, who continues to be compatible with West in the process, has three other children besides North from this marriage, Saint, Psalm and Chicago.

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