Pete Davidson Says He ‘SECRETLY HOPES’ Kanye West ‘PULLS A MRS. DOUBTFIRE’

Kanye West continues to give Pete Davidson plenty of new material. 

Kim Kardashian‘s new boyfriend spoke about her feud with Ye last month during her first stand-up show in three years on “Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival,” even joking that she wanted him to shoot a Miss Doubtfire.

“Does anyone else secretly hope kanye will shoot like Miss Doubtfire?” he asked the crowd at the Fonda Theater. “One day I come home and it’s like this new cleaner. And he says, ‘What is it as a family?’

In the 1993 comedy, Robin Williams plays a divorced husband who dresses as a female cleaner to return to his parents’ house and see his children.

Davidson also didn’t delay joking about the time Ye allegedly claimed Davidson had AIDS.

“Kanye told me I had AIDS and he’s a genius, so I was like, ‘Oh, f**k,'” she said. “It’s like I should call my doctor. The guy who left college thinks I have AIDS.”

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Davidson believed the rumor and went to the doctor only to confirm that it wasn’t AIDS. Fellow comedian John Mulaney suggested Davidson return to Ye, spreading a rumor that the rapper had polio.

Newly released footage from the comedy show also brought up his friendship with “SNL” star Jack Harlow. After Kanye featured the “First Class” rapper on DONDA 2, Davidson’s friends asked how it affected their friendship.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson Jokes About Kanye West At Stand-Up Show

Pete Davidson returned to the stage for his first show in three years on the first night of “Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival.”

During a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday, she brought up her troubled relationship with “SNL” star Kanye West. According to “Entertainment Tonight,” Davidson opened her set, referring to the time when Kim Kardashian’s ex allegedly spread a rumor that Davidson had AIDS.

Davidson joked that he believed he had the deadly virus because Ye was a “genius.” He also reportedly said the humiliation was “weird when you can’t do anything about it.”

Davidson was at the receiving end of West’s attacks after she began dating Kim in the midst of the couple’s divorce. In his “Eazy” collaboration with The Game, Ye threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” and described his abduction and burial in the music video. He also took aim at Davidson several times on social media.

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