Photos of XXXTentacion We’ve Never Seen

XXXTentacion‘s official photographer, Jack Mckain, posted new photos of XXX on his website today. The photographs of XXX, which we encountered for the first time, were offered for sale in portrait form. It is among the information we received from the site that some of the portraits, which he values ​​$ 250 per photo, will be donated to the XXXTentacion Foundation.

Jack Mckain shared with X’s fans what happened on the day the photos he shared were taken, ‘Greetings to everyone. I’m posting some limited edition photos of Jah. I thought you’d love to see some behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot we did together. Even though we spent a whole day at his house, the photo shoot only took 90 minutes. During the day, Jah got a haircut, taught me how to play Fortnite, and Jenesis(X’s girlfriend) made pasta for us while we watched Dave Chapelle.

Close to sunset, when it was time to take pictures, Jah spent an hour changing clothes and finally settled on a denim jacket and white turtleneck sweater. While filming, we constantly came up with our ideas and we both played songs that reflected how we felt at that moment. Jah opened a few Kingdom Heart songs that I hadn’t heard before. Every song he played was incredibly cinematic.

He came up with a lot of ideas that we could never implement, like riding an ATV in his backyard, lounging in a bathtub with 10 girls. He had a house arrest handcuff on his wrist at the time, so we had to handle everything on his property. Among the photos we took that day, their favorite was the red background. He shared one of the Polaroids on Instagram during the shoot. It was crazy to watch that post pass 1 million likes in less than 5 minutes. I’m usually pretty picky about my Polaroids, but somehow I lost the Polaroid he shared. Maybe I left it at his home, I’m not sure. Fortunately the others are still in my archive’

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