Piggy Starts to Recover After Getting Shot in Cleveland

Piggy found herself surrounded by gunfire in Cleveland. The injured Cleveland rapper was hospitalized.

The rapper was injured in the attack that took place at the Medusa Restaurant and Lounge in Cleveland on March 26. He made a post on Instagram for his fans who were wondering about him.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this WITH y’all or not but I’m too loved to be having y’all worrying,” she wrote. “IM STRONG BUT ITS GON BE A PROCESS. … but one thing fasho & a million things fa certain is GOD & BIANCA don’t play about me!!!”

She continued, “But I just want yall to know I’m feeling better each and everyday and I really appreciate all of the love prayers and kind words I needed that!! @badguwrlbianca if I don’t know nothing else I know you always gon have my front & imma always have yo back no questions!! PS them ngas still some ho’s and did the job sloppy!”

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Piggy Talked About What She Faced

Piggy also talked about the danger she faced in an interview with AllHipHop.

“Violence, I saw people get killed,” she said. “I grew up fighting, I was a fighter.  grew up seeing people get killed, a typical hood story basically. I got caught up in the mix a lot. For a minute I had, I was doing good. I was a smart girl, I’d graduated high school. I won over $40K in scholarships.”

She added, “I went to school, got caught up with some wrong people. Last year I had caught 3 F1 cases for fighting, felonious assaults, aggravated robberies. I got all types of felonies on my record, I got caught up in some trouble. I’m trying to overcome that now, change who I am and not let that define who I am.”

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