Playboi Carti Concert 2021: Participants Cause Chaos in Venue, Show Canceled

H-E-B Center will increase its safety and staff at Tuesday’s Playboi Carti concert after canceling its concert in Houston for the weekend. The reaction of the fans is unstoppable.

H-E-B Center Marketing Director Miller didn’t specify what the extra measures would look like, but he said general venue staffing would increase in addition to operational safety. Because it looks like they will need it.

NBC’s Houston affiliate KPRC reported that fans waited outside the venue for several hours before the show’s cancellation. NRG Arena, which is preparing to host the concert, did not disclose a specific reason for the delay.

In a statement, NRG Arena representatives said the decision came under the guidance of the Houston Police Department.

“The Playboi Carti concert scheduled for the NRG Arena on Saturday night has been canceled for reasons of public safety and on the recommendation of the Houston Police Department. The safety of all guests, staff and artists is our highest priority.

According to the news of, the attendees stated that there were HPD officers on horseback and a crowd of cheering fans outside the venue. The photos confirmed the damage to the barriers and metal detectors outside the NRG Arena.

Pictures and videos shared with ABC7 Chicago’s Houston affiliate ABC13 show fans breaking through security and knocking down metal detectors.

The Houston Police Department even made a radio call asking more officers to respond to the incident. They tried to ensure that security was maximized. They eventually got the situation under control and said no arrests had been made. This does not mean that no arrests will be made in the future.

A witness told ABC13 that he saw an ambulance being called for someone crushed during the chaos, but no details about it were immediately disclosed.

Officials at the venue where Playboi Carti is scheduled to perform announced that the ticket holders in question should request a refund from the place where they purchased their tickets. We hope that such situations will not happen again and people will have fun as they please.

Playboi Carti – When and Where the Concert

NRG Arena has the capacity to host 7,800 guests. H-E-B Center also hosts the same number of guests with a capacity of 8,000 people.

Playboi Carti’s concert at H-E-B Center will open at 20:00 on Tuesday and the doors will open at 19:00.

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