Playboi Carti Says Iggy Azalea Is The ‘BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD’

Playboi Carti has a great love for Iggy Azalea.He’s officially declared his love.

Despite a contentious past, the “Sky” rapper had nothing but kind words to say about his son’s mother.

In a rare interview with XXL, Carti opened up about his relationship with Iggy, explaining why she is “the best mom in the world.”

“She’s a wonderful mother. I love him to death,” she told the magazine, before confirming to the magazine that they were no longer together. “I’m single. He’s single now. But she’s one of the best mothers in the world. And that’s what you have to put in the book, do you hear me? I love him to death. She’s the best mother in the world.”

Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti falls in love with Iggy’s motherhood

He also talked about becoming a father to his son Onyx, who turns two this month.

“I bought him a crazy chain,” he told Onyx about his birthday present. “He’s going to be a problem. That’s what you need on the next cover. She’s beautiful.”

And he didn’t finish singing his wife Iggy‘s praises. When asked if there was anything she wanted to add, Carti said, “yes, just make sure I love my baby mom. It should be known that Iggy is the best mother in the world. My son is perfect. She’s so perfect. I need to make him a little rough.”

In October 2020, Iggy announced her split from Carti, who she began dating in late 2018. Later that year, he blasted his ex for allegedly cheating on her and being a missing father.

The former couple now appear to be in good condition. Last month, Iggy shared a new photo of Onyx with her Instagram followers.

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