Polo G Reveals He Almost Overdosed Before “Heartless” Video Shoot

Nearly three years after its release, the music video for Polo G‘ s 2019 single “Heartless” has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

To celebrate, the Chicago rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to share a story behind the clip shoot, which he said took place some time later in hospital after he nearly overdosed.

“Back story Fa Dat video I just got out of a hospital bed with an almost overdose of Onnem pills,” Polo G wrote. “I’m going back right now & I’m shooting at Dat Video now dat Bitch Platinum w 100ms By it.”


It isn’t the first time Polo G has admitted that he’s almost died from an overdose.

Polo G explained everything during the interview

In an interview last December, the 23-year-old rapper opened up about a time in which he ended up in the hospital after losing count of how many pills he popped during a night of partying.

“When I woke up, I was in the hospital,” he shared. “And my pops was just explaining to me like ‘they said [if] you would had been here any second, even a minute later, you wouldn’t have made it. You probably could’ve passed.”

Polo G went on to admit that he has no recollection of what happened that day.

“They was walking me through everything that happened that day, because I really didn’t remember at all. I think it was like 17 pills I had took in one day; about 15 Xanax and two [Ecstasy] pills. So that just made me think [about] my son, how I got to slow down off that.”

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