Porsha Williams Says She Reported R. Kelly to Authorities: “He Told Me To Take My Clothes Off”

Porsha Williams has spoken candidly about a shocking experience she says she had with an embattled R&B singer. The former Real Housewife of Atlanta shared excerpts from recently shared book “The Pursuit Of Porsha” with OPLE that includes shocking PE against R. Kelly who was found of racketeering and trafficking in September sex.

Inside the book, Porsha shares a story about how she met Pied Piper at the age of 25 in 2007, in hopes of working together on her music career. Things are starting to get interesting here. Because she said she expected to be taken to a recording studio when she arrived, but instead was taken to Kelly’s home, where things allegedly picked up where she left off.

In her memoirs, she says that the famous rapper told her to undress and she had to. She says she saw him twice more and cut ties after hearing allegations that he had abused a woman. Because as we remember his own experiences, we think that he has combined all the facts in his head.

As previously reported, “The Pursuit Of Porsha” focuses on the star’s true life story and features tough days and difficult and painful moments, including financial troubles and life lessons. He also details, at one point in the book, his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

How will Kelly act on this situation, everyone is waiting for him.

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