Post Malone Says He Smokes Up To 80 Cigarettes A Day

Post Malone made a surprising statement.

While promoting his new album Twelve Carat Toothache, the “Cooped Up” rapper visited the “Full Send” podcast, in which he revealed that he smokes 80 cigarettes a day.

“How many darts do you remove on average per day?” asked one of the hosts.

Malone said he smokes an average of 40 to 45 cigarettes a day. “When I open the third package, I’m a complete piece of shit and I need to sleep,” he said.

But he admitted that smoking the most cigarettes in a day was “probably around 80.”

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When asked if he was worried that cigarettes would interfere with his voice, he replied, “Yes, there certainly is. But I want to say that Johnny Cash smoked all his life. Sounds good.”

While smoking every day, he stopped smoking grass. “I used to drink a lot of grass,” he said. “And then once, I bought some wild stuff that I thought was laced, and I haven’t felt the same since.”

The Post explained that he was a “terrible sleeper” as a result of his anxiety. “I’m always very anxious and then I wake up and I don’t feel well, I don’t feel like it’s like it’s one hundred percent. And throughout the day, I say, ‘Oh man, I’m so tired.'”

During the interview, Posty also discussed his friendship with Justin Bieber, which he opened on his “Purpose World Tour” in 2016. “He’s the best. What a young man.” “I didn’t even have a record and he was very kind to me from the very beginning. And I loved that.”

Post Malone


It’s been almost three years since her last album, but Post Malone has finally reappeared.

On his fourth studio album, Twelve Carat Toothache, which he calls “the most honest record I’ve ever made,” he addresses heavy hits like The Weeknd, Gunna and The Kid LAROI. The 14-track set also includes the single “Cooped Up” with the help of Roddy Rich, “I Like You (A Happypier Song)” with Doja Cat, and “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” with Fleet Foxes, which she performed on “SNL”.

Speaking to Apple Music, Post explained why Twelve Carat Toothache is his favorite album so far. “We had enough time to work on it, that’s for sure,” he said for the sequel to 2019’s Hollywood Bleeding. “It was hard in the beginning. But then I came to what I liked to do, who I was, and what made me happy… Now I’m happy and I love making music.”

During the pandemic, the album began recording in Malibu. “I sat alone in this dark room with my laptop for 12 hours in Malibu and just did the rhythm,” she recalls. “For 12 hours. He made a bunch of mushrooms, he made a stroke. And I said, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ … The album just wrote itself from there.”

Post, who is expecting her first child, actually wanted to publish the project for free. “My original plans for the record were crazy. I seemed to be free, but very interesting. My ideas are crazy. So my ideas are nuts. I knew they couldn’t fly.”

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