Prosecutors Say Young Thug Rapped About Shooting: YFN’S Mother

Young Thug ‘s lyrics are at the heart of the RICO case.

During a bond hearing this week, prosecutors brought up lyrics from the rapper’s 2021 collaboration with Juice WRLD, in which Thug rapped about shooting someone believed to be YFN Lucci’s mother.

“[Thug] got into a beef if you wanted with another rapper named Rayshawn Bennett, also known as YFN Lucci,” the prosecutor told the court.

“At one point, Lucci’s mother got shot and came out with the song ‘Bad Boy,’ when she says, ‘You’d better watch the way I breathe around you,’ let that breath be your last breath, my son/Smith & Wesson .45 has punched a hole in his heart, he better not play with me / The killers stay with me, I shot at his mother, now he doesn’t talk about me anymore.”

Young Thug

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Young Thug Wants to Be Free Now

Thug and Lucci’s beef dates back to 2017. Prosecutors allege that two YSL partners, Christian Eppinger and Antonio Sumlin, were working to obtain Thug’s permission to make a second attempt to kill Lucci, who was reportedly stabbed at Fulton County Jail in February.

Thug, referred to as “King Slime,” was chosen as the leader of the YSL crime street gang alleged in indictment No. 56. He was arrested at his home on May 9 and, along with Gunna and other members of the YSL, was charged with Conspiracy to Violate the RICO Act.

Prosecutors are using Thug’s lyrics and social media posts to portray her as a violent gang figure. The RICO indictment listed the lyrics of nine different songs beginning with 2014’s “Eww,” and the most recent was 2021’s “Ski” with Gunna.

The judge denied Thug’s bond at Thursday’s hearing, expressing concern that there was a danger to society and that it might scare other witnesses. du in January 2023

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