Pusha T Announces No Collaboration With Drake

Pusha T completely closed the possibility of collaborating with Drake after their last fight.

Ye and Drizzy were back together. They put their differences aside for the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. This made the fans happy. Many expected such a move from Pusha T. Fans wondered how Pusha T felt about the reunion of former foes and whether he would do the same.

“I thought that was good for them,” King Push said. I think they have this thing where, like, they sorta need to co-exist. Those two need to co-exist in their world and play within where they at.”

Relationships between Pusha T and Drake got worse day by day. They lashed out at each other. Push said he had no ill will towards Drake. However, he also has no intention of working with him.

“Nah! No, I’m cool on all of that. I know the song I wanna make, I know the people I wanna work with, and it ain’t that. He added, “I want Ye to produce it, but other than that, I definitely don’t wanna do a record.”

“It sounds old to me,” Pusha said. “Like, the flows sound old. And then it’s like, even what is the considered, like, the shots. … It’s like, bro, after what I’ve done. Like ‘the middleman’ talk and all that type of talk. That’s not scathing for me. I’m here to, like, burn down everything.”

Pusha T Weighs In On Kanye West And Kid Cudi’s Fallout

Pusha T found himself trapped in the middle of Kanye West and Kid Cudi‘s feud.

On Friday, Pusha released his new album, It’s Almost Dry, “Rock N Roll,” in collaboration with Cudi and Ye.

Before the song’s release, Cudi announced it would be his last collaboration with Ye amid their alienated relationship.

“Hey! That’s why I know some of you have heard the song I got at Pusha T . I did this song a year ago when Kanye was still cool. I’m not cool with that guy,” he tweeted.

However, due to his friendship with Pusha, he agreed to clean up the song. “He’s not my friend, and I just cleaned up the song for Pusha cuz, this is my man. This is the last song you’re going to hear me on w Kanye.”

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