Pusha T Confirms Jay-Z Feature On New Album

Pusha T seems to have a collaboration with Jay-Z in mind. Speaking to the podcast “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” the “Diet Coke” rapper announced that Hov will appear on his upcoming album.

“What are your three songs with Hov?” the presenter asked Pusha, “Something for my new album. I don’t know if I should have said that.”

When asked how Hov’s verses compare to his last two collaborations, including “Anonymous Drug Dealers” and “HorrifiedPusha said, “Oh, he’s busy.” After the interview aired, Pusha’s manager Steven Victor posted JAY-Z‘s verse on Instagram.


Earlier this month, Pusha mocked the JAY-Z feature on Twitter. “You know I have a record on the new album… nvm,” he tweeted.

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The sequel to 2018’s Daytona was produced entirely by Kanye West and The Neptunes.
“No one makes better music with these two beings than I do,” Pusha told Complex. “I want people to stop working with them because it makes what I do a little cheaper.”

And he’s confident in his upcoming work. “There’s no better album this year than mine,” he said.

Pusha also revealed that she buried her feud with Drake. “I’m way over that,” he said. “I’m not looking at this anymore. … As far as I can see, the bygons have passed.”

Pusha T Says He’s Moved Past Drake Beef

Pusha T seems to be calming his feud with Drake. Nearly four years after their rivalry, the “Diet Coke” rapper is facing one of hip-hop’s most explosive feuds. When asked about their background, Pusha said he moved on.

“I’m way behind that,” he said during Complex’s interview on “360 With Speedy Morman.” “I’m not looking at this anymore. … As far as I can see, the bygons have passed.”

He also touched on Drake and Ye‘s reconciliation, saying that while it surprised him, it was “really good” to see them reunite. He and Kanye talked about running out of beef and mowing before the Free Larry Hoover concert in December. “I said to Ye, “This could be good for you.”

He also liked and addressed the latest video of Drake’s son Adonis speaking French. “I’ve been around the world three times,” Drake captioned the post, quoting the lyrics to Clipse’s “Cot Damn.”

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