Pusha T Takes Shots At Mcdonald’s On Arby’s Diss Track

Looks like a shot was fired. Pusha T ‘s problem with Drake may be over, but he’s got a new enemy.

On Monday, King Push unveiled a new diss track as part of its partnership with fast-food chain Arby’s. With a hard hit, the rap kingpin rocked Arby’s rival McDonald’s.

“I’m the reason the whole world loves it / Now I have to crush it,” Pusha raps at the entrance, referring to mcdonald’s 2003 jingle “I’m Lovin’ It.”

He rips up McDonald‘s and their signature Filet-O-Fish sandwich while praising Arby’s new Spicy Fish Sandwich. “Filet-O-Fish s**t / And you should be disgusted,” he raps. “How dare you sell square fish / You want us to trust him / Half a slice of cheese / Mickey D’s budget?”

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Drake‘s diss “The Story of Adidon” is legendary, and the rapper also took aim at Ronald McDonald.

“A little fish cube from a clown is basic,” he raps. “Drowned in tartar / Filet-O-Fish tasteless.”

Push adds, “If you know me and you know me well / Our fish will tip on this scale.”

In a tweet, Pusha addressed his latest beef. “Just dropped a diss track with @Arbys. Grab some popcorn and a Spicy Fish Sandwich,” he tweeted along with the hashtag #ArbysPaidMeButIWouldSayThisAnyway.

The Arby’s-commissioned diss arrives ahead of Pusha’s long-awaited album, which has spawned the single “Diet Coke.”

Pusha T

Pusha T Confirms Jay-Z Feature On New Album

Pusha T seems to have a collaboration with Jay-Z in mind. Speaking to the podcast “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” the “Diet Coke” rapper announced that Hov will appear on his upcoming album.

“What are your three songs with Hov?” the presenter asked Pusha, “Something for my new album. I don’t know if I should have said that.”

When asked how Hov’s verses compare to his last two collaborations, including “Anonymous Drug Dealers” and “Horrified” Pusha said, “Oh, he’s busy.” After the interview aired, Pusha’s manager Steven Victor posted JAY-Z‘s verse on Instagram.

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