Recent Events in Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty’s Hough Case

Jennifer Hough, who accused Nicki Minaj ‘s husband Kenneth Petty of rape, declined to seek a default judgment in the case.

Jennifer Hough’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, has taken action to reverse the default order, according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop.

“On May 12, 2022, the parties engaged in a productive conference before Your Honor,” Blackburn informed Judge James Cho. “And in the interest of reaching an amicable resolution to this matter, I am writing to request a withdrawal of Plaintiff’s motion for default judgment against defendant Petty.”

Jennifer Hough sued Kenneth Petty and rap queen Nicki Minaj in 2021. He had multiple claims in the $20 million lawsuit.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Hough voluntarily dropped Nicki from the case. However, she continued the case against Kenneth Perry. Kenneth Petty is convicted of attempted first-degree rape in 1995. He spent nearly four years in prison.

Jennifer Hough made some statements in an interview with The Real.

Nicki Minaj and Her Husband Kenneth Petty

“I’m tired of being afraid,” she said. “I feel like the actions that were taken in regards to this whole situation have put me in a different type of fear, at my age, now. And it was wrong. And I don’t want to be afraid anymore. So, the only way not to be afraid is to continue to speak up.”

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There Is News About Nicki Minaj ‘s Father’s Car Accident

There are developments regarding the driver who killed Nicki Minaj ‘s father and left the crime scene.

The Nassau County District Attorney suggested a prison sentence of between one or three years. “Given the severity of the defendant’s conduct, we disagree with the sentencing commitment from the court,” Brosh said in a statement to CNN.

As you know, Nicki’s father, Maraj, died after he was hospitalized after the accident.

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