Rick Ross

Rick Ross Celebrates 46th Birthday Over Four Nights In Miami And Gave Himself a 1955 Chevy,Happy Birthday Rick!

Rick Ross was having a birthday party in hot spots around Miami, spies told Page Six. A spy said theHustlin‘” rapperarrived at Balenciaga from head to toe and blingat Club XXIII on Sunday night before staying well by Monday morning.

There was also Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson at the club andtheyve been dancing by their desks for hours,” said one spy. Busta Rhymes and Jim Jones were also said to have arrived after midnight.

Then, “At 3:. m. Rick sent 50 bottles of Belaire Champagne to the whole club, and the party was going strong until 5:00 a. m. Just before 3:45 a. . m. Ross jumped into the microphone to performB. M. F. (BlowinMoney Fast). ”

Ross was also spotted in Miami last week partying at The Hot Eatery El Tucán, an NFL free agent-turned-recording artist and Kanye West prodigy antonio brown, Nelly, Timbaland and French Montana, and Bay Hospitality. Violet Camacho, the venues p. r. whiz, posted pictures from the Ross celebration, where the rapper chose his Dior outfit. And they got together.

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Rick Ross

Rick Ross Gave Himself Chevy

For his birthday, sources told Page Six that Ross gave himself  a 1955 Chevy. He posted an image of the classic journey on Instagram.

Page Six recently reported that former Buccaneers star Brown was also celebrating at Club XXIII after his former team lost to the LA Rams in the playoffs. “Fur-coated” Brown said the hot spot He arrived at the collins avenue club in a silver Rolls-Royce for the “Any Given Sunday” party, where he “joined an attractive brunette and drank Casamigos until 3:30 in the morning.” Rapper 50 Cent also hosted the club’s “Any Given Sunday” party.

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