Rihanna Just Tried TikTok’s Popular Reverse Cat Eye Trend But With a Twist

Rihanna just ticked off two major – but unexpected – beauty trends in her latest Instagram post. Sharing a video on Instagram StoriesRihanna looks incredible with super neat eyebrows and gorgeous long braids – but it’s her eye makeup that we can’t stop staring at.

In the video, RiRi is scribbling heavy eyeliner along her lower lash line, with barely any on the top. She’s also rocking a super exaggerated point on the inner corners, almost like a wing. Recently, this look has become known as a reverse cat eye, an eyeliner style that went viral on TikTok with over 80 million views (and counting…).

But of course, RiRi is a trendsetter and so, she took her reverse cat eye one step further. Instead of going for a traditional black formula, the Fenty Beauty founder went for bright red.

At first, I thought Rihanna was getting into the festive spirit but if you listen to the video closely, the vibe suddenly takes a sliiight turn.

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In the background, a man’s voice from the TV says: “Their chance of solving a murder is cut in half if they don’t get a lead in the first three hours”. Um, not quite so festive, then. But that means RiRi watches true crime documentaries in her spare time and she truly is a girl after my own heart.

Plus, after Lizzo sported bright blue mascara just last week, it looks like bright eye makeup is here to stay.


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