Roddy Ricch and Saweetie Spotted Together at Lakers Stands

Although Roddy Ricch focuses on making music, he continues to make headlines unintentionally. The fact that he met Saweetie by chance led to some rumors.

The famous rapper who just released Live Life Fast was in Big Boy’s Neighborhood and it was said that he went to the Lakers game with Saweetie. However, Roddy Ricch said that he came to the match first and they met there, it was a coincidence that they met. The rapper, who is disturbed by the rumors; “For all the females out there: stop sitting by me next to the game,” he said.

Saweetie must have been disturbed by the situation, as she stated that she was similarly bored with the situation. “So avoid sitting next to men in public places otherwise the world assumes y’all are dating…got it,” she said.

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch and Saweetie (image: Facebook)

Radio host Big Boy also downplayed the situation, saying Roddy brought bad luck in the Lakers’ 30-point loss.

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Both Saweetie and Roddy Ricch were the subject of internet rumors earlier this year, and it all started after the Lakers game. As the photos of the two were displayed on the websites, rumors began to increase. Later, Saweetie revealed that they never dated Roddy Ricch.

Roddy Ricch and Saweetie made similar sentences and showed that they actually agreed on this issue. They have never dated and they agree that the fact that they met by chance does not make them lovers.

At the same time, Roddy Ricch continued his sentences: “I feel like people know what they be doing… You gotta just stop,” said Roddy. “I had people like, ‘What’s goin’ on y’all?’ Whoopty-woo. It’s like… I’m at the game. It’s my birthday. I’m faded out my mind. I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout no one sitting next to me.”

Could Roddy Ricch and Saweetie Sign a Possible Collaboration in the Future?

Saweetie and Roddy Ricch may not have been together as lovers, but time will tell if we can see them together in a song.

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