Roddy Ricch Reveals He Almost Called Himself “Lil Bird”

As an artist takes the next step in their career and starts releasing their albums, they need to name themselves appropriate branding. If your Legal Name doesn’t mean anything, you need to come up with a nickname and something to make it easier for potential fans to learn more about you. Before Roddy Ricch became Roddy Ricch, he was Roderick Wayne Moore Jr. He had a slight chance of naming himself differently. In an interview with Big Boy, he explained what he almost wanted to be called.

Upon being questioned, he revealed what names he was considering before getting Roddy Ricch‘s nickname, and one of them was “Lil Bird“. And he admitted that he tried it for a while.

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Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch:Getty

“Like, from bird?” asked Big Boy.

“Yeah, Lil Bird,” confirmed Roddy.

“Damn, you was like, ‘man, eff this lil stuff,’ you know what I’m saying?,” said Big Boy.

“Nah, I still go by it sometimes!” replied Roddy.

He didn’t exactly reveal who called himself Lil Bird, but it could be something he gave it to his parents or one of his teammates when he was younger.

Do you think he finally went the right way by choosing Roddy Ricch over Lil Bird? And do you think he would have had similar success with Lil Bird?

Click here to watch Dj Akademiks‘ instagram post. Roddy Ricch describes the situation here.

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch:Dj Akademiks Instagram

Roddy Ricch Calls Nipsey Hussle The Los Angeles Jay-Z

Roddy Ricch is back again this week with his 2nd grade album LP Live Life FastNipsey Hussle‘s 2019 single “Racks in the middle” received a platinum plaque and Grammy award before Ricch released his new album.  Many people consider Nipsey Hussle to be one of Roddy Ricch’s music industry advisors. The Crenshaw native, the California native, played a key role in Roddy’s rise as an award-winning chart-topping artist.

Roddy rich recently joined Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily Radio to brief him on his new album, “Live Life Fast.” He recounted Nipsey Hussle’s legacy and the young rapper’s plight in the Los Angeles community in his own words. Roddy Ricch told Zane Lowe.

Roddy ricch continued his words;

“I remember Durk was like, ‘I’m Chicago Jay-Z.’ Nip was like LA Jay-Z. It wasn’t just a conversation thing. It was like an actual thing. Like he owned his masters. He’s buying up the block. Like you could catch him at your local gas station, like on the real, hopping out, Maybach, taking pictures with people’s mamas, people’s aunties, little n#####.”

Live Life Fast arrived  (December 17). The 18-track album features FutureKodak Black21 SavageTakeoffJamie FoxxTy Dolla $ignAlex IsleyFivio ForeignLil Baby, and Gunna. Previously, Roddy Ricch dropped.

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