Safaree Is Bothered by Kanye West’s Latest Fashion Choices

Kanye West is an undisputed fashion icon, but rapper Safaree has some concerns about Kanye West‘s new style and has revealed it.

On Thursday (December 30th) Safaree took to Twitter to offer her thoughts on Yeezy’s latest fashion choices.

“I’ve always been a Kanye fan, but I’ve been really hated the way he’s dressed for the last two years. She was inspired by clothes and jewellery. Now this guy is just wearing a hoodie and black gloves and that bothers me,”  He tweeted and adding crying sarcastic emojis.

The Love & Hip Hop star may be referring to Kanye Wests recently rocked hoodie, gloves and knee-high boots style. And we havent forgotten the Chicago rapper who wore his weird face masks last October to avoid being recognized. And of course, he had a weird haircut.

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But R&B singer-songwriter Tank apparently wroteI Deservein the comments section of an Instagram post about Safarees remarks about Kanye Wests fashion choices. She felt Safaree shouldnt have commented on Kanyes style because she had never started a clothing line or signed a clothing deal.

“Says the guy with no clothing line, no clothing endorsements, and absolutely no fashion sense,” Tank wrote in the comments, adding two cry-laughing emojis.
Safaree didnt hesitate to applaud the experienced Crooner. “@therealtank hey, I was a fan of yours. . . Now you suck,” she responded with three tired face emojis.

Like it or not, Kanye West has always been a trending fashion setter when it comes to fashion.

We  have written before that Kanye West wears this kind of mask and goes out to avoid being recognized.

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