Saweetie and Cher Together for MAC Cosmetics

Saweetie continues to add new ones to its successful collaborations. It made its brand deal with the launch of MAC Cosmetics’ Challenge Accepted campaign, which brought Saweetie together with music icon Cher on Tuesday, January 4th.

A MAC ambassador, Saweetie and Cher are also putting their MAC Cosmetics products to the test before their musical collaboration is revealed. They are doing their best thanks to the duo MAC, who encourages their fans to overcome all the challenges life throws at them.

“[It] means challenging a status quo, and I try to do that every day with my business, with my music, with the message I give out to the world,” Saweetie told WWD.

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“Because I went to college, something that was said to me was: ‘Why would you be a rapper when you have a degree?’ But I challenge that. I’m going to do what I’m passionate about.”

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Cher and Saweetie’s friendship deepened during the pandemic. “Cher is so magical,”

Saweetie continued to marvel and her campaign co-star. “Every time someone asks for me to describe her, I feel like there ‘s no one word to put it, but she she ‘s magical. She she’s fun. She she ‘s so full of knowledge and she was such a pleasure to work with. If I can, I would do it again.”

Saweetie Says New Album Will Release in 2022

Saweetie has promised her delayed Pretty Bitch Music album to be released in 2022, and we can say that a new collaboration with Cher is in question.

“I want to apologize to my fans because it’s been coming out for the past year. But this time it’s really coming out,” Saweetie said. “I think that Pretty Bitch Music will just be full of strong messages that you can apply to every area and aspect of your life.”

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