Saweetie surprised her fans with her new hairstyle. The famous rapper, who made her hair short, made a real surprise.

We liked her new style very well. It seems that the vast majority of her fans did as well. Rapper Saweetie, who made a surprise on Instagram, posed many times with her new style. Saying goodbye to her fiery red hair, the rapper made a dramatic transition with a short and matte blonde hair style.

He captioned his post by putting many emojis, including the bald emoji, palm tree emoji, snowflake emoji, and more.

Latest IG Post by Saweetie

Saweetie, who had her photos taken while eating fruit in a purple and salmon-colored bikini, next to the palms, in the ocean, showed her followers her new style from every angle.

While her followers do not leave Saweetie alone in the comments, we are sure that the famous rapper read these comments. Because she is definitely curious about the reaction of her fans. One user wrote “Waittttt NOT Amber Sweetz! 😮😮😍😍😍😍😍 I’m not made” while another user wrote “Yesssss babyyyyyy you look tf gooodddd 🥰💕😋💦”.

We’re sure it crossed your mind, too. Saweetie’s hairstyle brought Amber Rose to mind for other fans like you.

With her latest post on Instagram, Saweetie managed to make herself talk and stay on the agenda with her new style on Christmas Eve. Always fresh, it continues to make its holiday on everyone’s agenda.

Latest IG Post by Saweetie

Saweetie Chooses Vacation for a Change in Hairstyle

Lastly, Saweetie made her followers happy by posing in diamonds. Reinforcing her poses with her fiery red hair, Saweetie gave her final poses with this hair. Saweetie chose to wear a matching style in the photos where she is wearing a black low-cut swimsuit with rainbow stones and a thong underneath.

Frankly, we wonder which one would get more likes if a survey was made between her new style and her previous style.

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