Saweetie Delays ‘Pretty B*tch Music’

Saweetie had promised earlier this year that her project would arrive before summer. However, the album release was delayed once again.

Fans are expressing their demands for a steady stream of albums without a long period between albums. Therefore, postponing the release dates of albums can be a difficult decision. Announcing that she devoted time to his first major work, Saweetie is confident.

Saweetie informed her followers on Instagram Stories on the last day of June.

“I have realized my purpose with the platform God has given me,” she wrote. “Which is why I have taken my time with releasing music this time around.”

Saweetie added, “Through hours of self-reflection I have realized that Pretty B#### Music is not an album.” She went on to describe it as “a movement,” “culture,” “language,” and “a lifestyle.”

The famous star does not want to share it with her fans before she feels that his album is completely ready. “We not rushing art, we taking our time!”

Saweetie is not only interested in music, but also in the foundation she founded. The philanthropist had started a financial literacy program for underserved youth.

She received the Game Changer award at the Billboard Women In Music Awards in March.

IG Story by Saweetie

Saweetie Glamors With Her Dress

She caught everyone’s attention with a little dress. Fans left many comments on twitter.

Known for her great physique, collaborations and business acumen, She continues to draw attention. We can say that the outfit she chose to wear has suffocated the fans. An alluring mini dress with a loose fit made the already existing appeal of Saweetie even more visible. It’s normal to be talked about so much by fans Twitter.

Generally, for her design choices, some fans will agree with her, while others are simply surprised. In the end, however, Saweetie draws attention again and makes everything she wears look good on her.

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