Saweetie Glamors With Her Dress

Saweetie caught everyone’s attention with a little dress. Fans left many comments on twitter.

Known for his great physique, collaborations and business acumen, Saweetie continues to draw attention. We can say that the outfit she chose to wear has suffocated the fans. An alluring mini dress with a loose fit made the already existing appeal of Saweetie even more visible. It’s normal to be talked about so much by fans Twitter.

Photo by @saweetielounge

Generally, for his design choices, some fans will agree with him, while others are simply surprised. In the end, however, Saweetie draws attention again and makes everything she wears look good on her.

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Let’s take an example of some twitter comments.

“Saweetie ate left no crumbs 😍”

“She left the whole plate dear. Every stylist keeps giving each different variations of the same dress.”

“We gotta let a bad bitch be a bad bitch 😍 she look good!”

Saweetie Was Born to Succeed

Saweetie has been in the arms of success since its debut. She was a hit on the charts, along with two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rap Song for Best Friend.

Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper was born to a Filipino-Chinese mother and an African-American father. It is actually a cultural heritage. She made her debut in 2018 with her first single, Icy Girl.

Additionally, Best Friend, for which she was nominated at this year’s Grammy, is featured on her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music.

The rapper has often talked about how proud she is of her mixed heritage, she.

“Being multicultural, being black, being Filipino, being Chinese, I think it taught me at a very young age that no human group is the same. But we have to respect them, their culture, their values, their morals, so I’m really grateful.”



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