Saweetie Responds to Twerk Criticism of Herself

Saweetie has received intense criticism recently, especially for the dance figures in her live performance. The famous rapper responded to criticism from her Instagram account without delay.

Saweetie, who was not adversely affected and disturbed by the criticism, responded to her critics with a video she shared on her Instagram account.

Saweetie, who has been nominated for Grammy awards this year and strongly demonstrated her claim in the industry, responded to the criticisms of the dance figures she performed in her live performance in the past days by making the same dance figures better.

The famous rapper, who exhibited more chaotic movements without her heels on the ground during the live performance, showed that she did not succumb to criticism by making the figure more accurate and more dominant in the video she took from her home.

Last IG Post by Saweetie

Saweetie, on the other hand, responds to the criticism in a sense by showing that she dances better in the video she uploaded with her dancers.

She wrote the following under the Saweetie post. “I heard i was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld [tongue out emojijs] #icychainchallenge [snowflake emojis] reposting my fave videos tag me @theicygrls,” she wrote in the caption.

Receiving positive feedback from her fans, we think Saweetie should be happy and satisfied to be praised again by them.

Saweetie Knows That Her Twerk Is Good

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The dance figure in question became a trend after a clip of the Jingle Ball performance went viral. She is seen clicking her heels and bowing while twerking, which created an unpopular situation.

While Saweetie has declared that she is open to all kinds of criticism, she continues to take the stage to show her biggest hits like “My Type” and “Best Friend”.

If there is anything debatable about Saweetie, it is undoubtedly dance shows and live performances. At this stage, there have been many criticisms that it should be better in both these areas. Some of her followers even said that they could no longer defend her.

However, Saweetie expressed that she was proud of what she presented to the audience on stage against these criticisms.

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