Sheff G Shared Prison Photograph

Rapper Sheff G has been sentenced to prison for second-degree weapon possession. He was sentenced to two years in prison in October.

Sheff G is one of the most popular rappers in New York lately. He has collaborations with New York’s Sleepy Hallow, such as “Molly” and “Breakin Bad (Okay)”. He also took his career forward with three successful projects.

However, he also got into trouble with the law last year. He then informed his fans with an Instagram post he shared in November. “Freedom Is A Must 😤💙 .. Sending My Love To All My Fans & Supporters I’ll be Bacc Soon 😈.. FREE ME ‼️”

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On January 1, he took to Instagram to share his 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star tattooed photo and interacted with his fans. “Happy Blue Years. I AINT YA REGULAR G MEMBER EVERYBODY KNOW IM SANCTION. #FREEME #AYOOOCIIID #TENTOES.”

Sheff G
Latest IG Post by Sheff G

According to court documents, Sheff G was arrested in August after leading two Nassau County Police Department vehicles in a quick chase through the town of Long Island. In this entire chase, he passed an intersection above the speed limit and crashed into a tree in a suburban garden. It blew the bumper of a citizen’s car before crashing into a tree. According to, a woman named Alexia Friend sued Sheff G for damaging her new Cadillac in October 2020.

Sheff G Encounters Too Much With The Law

Alexia Friend’s lawyer, Marc Battipaglia, wrote a motion. After the collision, [Friend] exited her car and observed that [Sheff G’s] vehicle continued traveling down Kings Point Road, where it then struck a tree, and was swarmed by police vehicles, which apparently had been in hot pursuit of the speeding Defendant ”

This isn’t the first time Sheff G has faced the law. However, he was eventually sentenced to prison. He was also detained for illegal possession of a weapon, on the grounds that he was driving a vehicle while carrying a gun.

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