Shyne Hosts Kanye West and J Prince

Kanye West and J Prince have been spending a lot of time together since they got together in November to break the friction between Kanye West and Drake. It seems clear and obvious that they love each other and have a good communication. Last month, they went to Toronto to visit Drake at his mansion. Now they are elsewhere.

On December 31st, Shyne Barrow posted a series of photos on his Instagram account showing his connecting with Kanye West and J Prince in her hometown of Belize. Kanye West and J Prince went to visit the Rap-A-Lot Records CEO’s private island to visit his hometown.

“So happy to welcome my brother Ye @kanyewest to BELIZE,” Shyne wrote in the caption of his post. “We’ve been talking for the last few months through our mutual brother Steven Victor @stevenvictor about Belize investments and real estate development. Everyone knows how much I do my best to market and promote Belize on the world stage so I can bring tourism and investment to our paradise.”

He continued, “Thus I was extremely delighted yesterday when my big brother and mentor, Hip Hop Mogul James Prince @jprincerespect called me and told me he was on his way to Belize with Kanye. Kanye is the creative genius of geniuses and I ‘m beyond grateful that we were able to stand in the heavenly Belizean Ocean and talk about how he will use his genius to contribute to the development of Belize like never before. ”

Kanye West
Kanye on Shyne’s IG

Shyne also shared another video of Kanye West expressing his gratitude and love for Belize. Kanye West also mentioned that he and J Prince had no problems returning to the country.

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“Yo, I love Belize,”

“I love Shyne; I’m so happy to be here. We’re going to be back. Love y’all.”

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