Smoke Dawg Finds Out His Fate in Court

The man and brand executive charged with the 2018 murder of Smoke Dawg learned of his fate in court two days after the jury began their deliberations.

Abdulkadir Handule, aka Neat, was found guilty of aggravated assault and firearm firing in addition to two counts of second-degree murder in the Ontario Supreme Court on Thursday, February 25, CBC News reported. Handule’s lawyer, Dirk Derstine, said the decision was “deeply” disappointing.

“It’s been trying times in society the last two years and in my view, at times when society is under different types of stress, it’s more important than ever that the justice system still be able to operate as best it can,” Brian O’ Marra said of the jury in his closing statement. “And you have been exemplary in your dedication to the task.”

The trial began last November but has been repeatedly postponed due to the holidays and the pandemic. Handule never testified. Dirk Derstine, confirmed that Handule was one of three assailants who opened fire outside the Cube nightclub in 2018.

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Judge Brian O’Marra informed the court that he would consult the jury. That will be before Handule determines how long she must wait to be eligible for parole.

The prosecution had that Handule had targeted Smoke Dawg

The prosecution had previously stated that Handule had targeted SmokeDaw g that night, but Derstine denied the allegation.

“It’s true Abdulkadir raced after him (Smart) and was firing at him … probably intending him no good whatsoever and yes, indeed, he shot him on the ground when he was down there,” Derstine told the jury on Tuesday (February 22) . “But, you’re not here, like Saint Peter at the Pearly gates, to decide whether or not he’s a good human being. You’re here exclusively to decide whether he is legally guilty of the various different offenses.”

He added the shooting wasn’t targeted but rather, “something that began as an “adolescent, stupid, testosterone-laden … argument on the side of Queen Street.” Derstine argued the club’s bouncers regularly saw violence of this nature. “These two young men said something stupid to each other, which precipitated something stupid and eventually tragic,” he said.

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