Snoop Dogg and Heidi Klum Collaboration

For his next project, Tha Doggfather aka Snoop Dogg is working on “Chai Tea With Heidi,” an EDM collaboration with legendary supermodel Heidi Klum.

We’ve seen Snoop Dogg blend g-funk-laden LBC raps with non-Hip Hop genres including Reggae, Latin, and even Gospel music, and it has proven to be okay.

The track is produced by, with Devon Culiner and Klum’s husband Tom Kaulitz being produced by DJ/producer duo WeddingCake.

In a press release, Snoop Dogg also showcased the potential of his project.


“Party smash hit of 2k22 me n my homegurl Heidi Klum – I know that all of Europe will be hearin in this in tha clubs til 6 in tha mornin.Lookn forward to getting back overseas n performing it live ya dig?!?!”

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Heidi Klum and rock legend Sir Rod Stewart, whose 1983 “Baby Jane” sample formed the basis of the track, said that working with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg was a blessing.

We can say that Snoop Dogg, who seems to spend the year 2022 quite productive, is after clinching his music career. As a Def Jam ambassador, he released the Algorithm compilation last year. This review is B.O.D.R. She will be returning to her upcoming nineteenth studio album.

“New solo snoop project. January,” Snoop Dogg captioned a Christmas Day Instagram post while teasing production from longtime collaborator DJ Battlecat. Hit-Boy also revealed he has “a half an album’s worth” of material ready to go with the OG D-O-Double-G.

Snoop Dogg Wants Peace In The Rap World

Snoop last spoke about the death of rapper Drakeo and expressed his desire for peace in the rap world.

“I’m saddened by the events that took place last night at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival,” he tweeted. “My condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Drakeo the Ruler.”

“I’m not with anything negative and as one of the many performers, I was there to spread positive vibes only to my city of LA. Last night I was in my dressing room when I was informed about the incident and chose to immediately leave the festival grounds.”

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