Snoop Dogg had prayed for his safe return on Instagram after his missing dog. And the happy ending… Frank, his lost dog, has been found. He promised gifts to the couple who found him.

Snoop Dogg announced that his beloved dog, Frank, was returned to him after he disappeared over the weekend in Los Angeles and expressed his deep gratitude. The 50-year-old rapper has previously mobilized fans to find the dog by posting a recent photo of himself, stating his last known location, and offering a reward for his safe return on Instagram.

‘I want to thank you all for returning the dog back to us. We appreciate that Frank made his way back home,’ said Snoop in a video uploaded to the platform on Tuesday.

He continued: ‘We appreciate all the love and the support we got on Instagram to get the dog back.’

He said it was a couple who found their missing dog, Frank, and wanted to give them a refund, as he promised on Instagram.

‘And to the lovely couple that brought the dog back, I got some gifts for y’all for looking out.’

He also tagged the couple and shared a post. ‘Thank you @ganderwess.stupid for reuniting us back with our dog.’

The dog’s discovery came the day after it disappeared. Snoop Dogg was able to breathe easy very quickly.

Snoop Dogg Lost The Dog On January 30th

‘Our dog Frank went missing on January 30th 2022 in South LA (49th St/ Figueroa)’ began Snoop’s urgent post.

 Snoop Dogg
IG Post by Snoop Dogg

Then the multihyphenate described Frank as a gray French Bulldog and added, ‘If you see him please DM me at @reyg213.’

Beneath the image of the dog were the time period, contact information, and descriptions of its disappearance. Information on the award and compensation for its discovery was also included in the statement.

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The post received a lot of likes from the rap artist’s followers.

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