Snoop Dogg Reveals How Much He Charges For A Feature

Snoop Dogg was paid to be the boss.

The hip-hop icon reveals how much he charges for a feature.

Speaking to the “Full Send Podcast,” D-O-DOUBLE-G announced that he would bring you back a quarter of a million dollars to get it for your song.

About $250,000,” he replied, when asked what the rate of departure is these days.

“There are about 16 bars,” added the 50-year-old rapper.

And if you want it in the music video, it will cost $250,000, but you’d better move fast. “And you only have an hour, so start shooting,” Snoop said.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is booked and busy. In addition to performing at the Super Bowl and releasing the BODR album in February, the new owner of Death Row Records can be seen hosting NBC’s musical competition series “American Song Contest” with Kelly Clarkson.

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During a recent interview with the “Full Send Podcast,” Lil Durk revealed that he requested $350,000 for a feature if he wasn’t related to the artist.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg ‘s Lawyers Believe That The Statue of Limitations Has Expired

Snoop Dogg was dealing with a sexual assault case against him. The rapper’s lawyers believe the statute of limitations has expired on the case.

According to AllHipHop, which obtained the court information, Snoop is seeking the partial dismissal of the case because the victim in question failed to initiate legal proceedings at the right time. Jane Doe took her and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan to court on sexual assault charges in a lawsuit filed earlier this year. The incident he claims happened in 2013.

The woman said she woke up when ex-pimp Bishop Don “Magic” Juan put his “flabby” penis in his closed mouth. Later, she went to a studio with Snoop Dogg.

Jane Doe also claimed that Snoop forced her to blowjob in the bathroom. The woman added that she had to do this because she was afraid of losing her life. The woman waited until 2022 to open the case.

She did it after the famous rapper’s name was revealed for his Super Bowl Halftime Performance.

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