Snoop Dogg Says Queen Elizabeth II Blocked His Exile

In an interview broadcast by DJ Whoo Kid on Wednesday, February 23, Snoop Dogg revealed that he was embraced by veteran British Grime artists like Giggs, revealing that he was nearly exiled from this European country in 1993 while fighting murder charges.

“You got to embrace this shit because you used to be a young n-gga,” Snoop Dogg began. “N-ggas didn’t understand us when I was 17. Look at all of the footage of me when I was a young n-gga. They was trying to — they kicked me out the U.K.!”

The incident that the West Coast Hip Hop legend is talking about dates back to his first tour of England in 1994, when he made headlines in the news of the country’s leading press, including The Daily Star, calling for Snoop Dogg’s exile from the country.

“‘Kick this evil bastard out’,” he said, repeating the tabloid headline word for word. “Look at me, It’s a headline n-gga. That shit is documented. They had a picture of me on the front, I had a handcuff on one of my hands — this a picture I took. I got a handcuff on one of my hands — and the other one was off. I had my hands up like this and they didn’t like it. They was like, ‘Kick this evil bastard out.’”

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Queen Struggles For Snoop Dogg

Back On Death Row lyricist, Queen II. He went on to explain how Elizabeth used the power of the British royal family so that government officials wouldn’t throw Snoop out of the country.

He suggested that Prince Harry and Prince William persuaded their grandmother to vouch for him because of their love for his music, and continued.

“That’s Harry and William’s grandmother you dig,” Snoop Dogg said. “You think you think they weren’t there saying ‘Grandma please let him in grandma he’s OK, we love his music.’ ‘You know Harry, I’ll let him in for you he’s not so bad after all and he’s quite cute .’”

Snoop Dogg meets Queen Elizabeth II on February 23. He concluded the clip by greeting Elizabeth.

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