Snoop Dogg Wants ‘Snoop on the Stoop’ Doll Removed from Shelves

‘Snoop on a Stoop’ creator Chris Milnes has revealed that scam companies started copying his elephant without permission after Snoop Doggs lawyers told him to stop.

You may have heard of Elf on the Sehlf, which has countless variations. But this Christmas season, the scene came to a head when an anonymous New Jersey-based company decided to create its own version based on Snoop Dogg.

Dubbed “Snoop on the Stoop“, the holiday gift soon became popular with people and fans of Snoop Dogg. But according to the reports presented, the rapper is not happy with this situation at all.

Snoop isn’t shy about weed and even advised marijuana lovers to celebrate 4/20 during the 2020 quarantine. But in February of that year, his friends had gifted him 48 cannabis-stuffed flowers for his 48th birthday. As you remember he epically trolled US President Donald Trump by smoking a blunt cigarette in front of the White House in 2018. But when it comes to its own similarity, it draws the limit.

The Snoop on the Stoop item features a doll that looks a lot like a blunt-smoking rapper in an elf outfit. According to the reports presented, these sales were also sold out within weeks. But Snoop Dogg clearly does not share his fans’ love for this item.

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Snoop Dogg
The two variants of the ‘Snoop on the Stoop’ created by MuckyChris. (Twitter)

On December 18, Snoop Dogg announced on Twitter that he has no connection with the product “Snoop On A Stoop” and that he does not approve of making such items without his permission and that he will take legal action against the other company.

You can view the images below.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

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