Snoop Dogg Wants To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk may be out there, but Snoop Dogg is very serious!

The hip-hop legend announced that he wanted to buy Twitter just weeks after the billionaire announced that he was suspending his offer to buy the social media platform, just weeks after agreeing to buy the company privately in a $44 billion deal.

“Now he can buy 2 Twitters,” Snoop tweeted.

Using the hashtag #WhenSnoopBuysTwitter, he shared what he would do as the new owner of Twitter, including giving everyone a blue verified checkmark.

“Everyone gets a blue checkmark. Even tha bots with 10 letters in their name that hit you in DMs n just say ‘Hello,’” he said before reconsidering. “Nah f**k those bots.”

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Snoop’s “first line of business” would be to put free internet on airplanes. “29 dollars for 1 hour is bullshit,” he quipped.

The 50-year-old rapper, who recently acquired Death Row Records, also plans to appoint his own board of directors including Jimmy from my corner Fish Fry, Tommy Chung, and Pete Najarian, who he called “tha guy with the ponytail on CNBC.”

Musk said that the Twitter deal was “temporarily on hold” as he reviewed the amount of fake or spam accounts, which Twitter says represents less than 5% of users. After Musk’s tweet, Twitter shares fell as much as 26% in premarket trading before the stock rebounded.

Two hours after his first tweet, Musk said he is “still committed” to completing the acquisition.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Reveals How Much He Charges For A Feature

Snoop Dogg was paid to be the boss.

The hip-hop icon reveals how much he charges for a feature.

Speaking to the “Full Send Podcast,” D-O-DOUBLE-G announced that he would bring you back a quarter of a million dollars to get it for your song.

About $250,000,” he replied, when asked what the rate of departure is these days.

“There are about 16 bars,” added the 50-year-old rapper.

And if you want it in the music video, it will cost $250,000, but you’d better move fast. “And you only have an hour, so start shooting,” Snoop said.

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