Soulja Boy Blasts Wizkid For Dissing Him 12 Years Ago

Soulja Boy addresses Wizkid over a 12-year-old tweet.

In May 2010, “Essence” targeted the music of hit producer Soulja. “I swear soulja boy is weird!.. jeeeezzzzz!” he wrote in the tweet, still going online.

After seeing the tweet, which resurfaced for the first time in more than a decade, Soulja went to Instagram Live, where she blasted Wizkid for about 15 minutes.

“I don’t give a fk how long ago it was,” Soulja said. “NiI better not say my mother’s name. Or there will be repercussions or reactions.”

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Wizkid’s tweet came three years after Soulja’s breakout hit “Crank Dat,” and nearly a decade before the Nigerian singer and Drake dropped their “Come Closer” collaboration.

“We don’t give a f**k if you ain’t know you was gon’ be famous when you said that sh*t. You famous now. I just now seen it, ni**a,” Soulja added before telling Wizkid to “delete the tweets.”

He also clapped back at critics who tried to call him out for being an instigator. “Ni**as act like I’m on the internet just searching for sh*t. No, ni**as is tagging me in this shit all the time.”

Wizkid has yet to respond, but Nigerian human rights advocate Rinu Oduala came to Wizkid’s defense, only to catch heat from Big Draco.

Fans also pointed out that Wizkid showed love to Soulja in early 2010 when he tweeted about his “Pronto” collaboration with Snoop Dogg. “Love dis joint,” he wrote. “Gettin ma gangsta on!”

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Expresses His Complaints On Instagram

Soulja Boy took to Instagram Live on Wednesday, March 30.

“I’m always working with an artist before they pop off,” he said. “Look at me and Migos, look at me and Rich The Kid, look at me and Mozzy, look at me and Lil B, look at me and Riff Raff.”

He added, “I’m always doing a song with a n-gga before they get signed. Look at me and Lil Durk. I was on Lil Durk’s first mixtape. Look at me and Chief Keef. I do songs with all these n-ggas before they get famous.

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